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Aeoliah: Angels of the Heart


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ANGELS OF THE HEART is an offering to the romantic classic composers of the nineteenth century, such as Frederic Chopin, Gabriel Faure, Robert Schumann, and the later works of Franz Liszt. These composers have deeply inspired my love for the piano, and as a heartfelt tribute to them, I humbly offer this album with all my heart and soul in appreciation for the great gift of music they have brought to this earth. This music is also created to inspire us to reach into the innermost depths of our hearts, to touch that fire of desire, longing, and inspiration that ignites our passion to love.

It is the dance of love, of embracing the human passion, the touch, the vulnerability, the surrender, the devotion, and the transcendence of all limitation that opens our CHAMBERS OF THE HEART.

As you hear this music, may its spirit and magic touch your fife, and magnetize your true love into your life.

Love, Aeoliah

Aeoliah is a visionary painter with exhibitions at important museums in the world to his name. He is a writer and a Reiki master as well, but more so, people know his music.

Born in Europe, the artist emigrated to the US at an early age. During his early teens, he took music lessons on the violin and played in a high school orchestra, but his heart went out to the piano. He started his artistic career as Aeoliah, known in Greek mythology as the floating island where the god of the winds lived. Music, visionary art and spiritual awaking became the aspects of most importance in Aeoliah's life.

`While painting one vision, I started to hear musical tones that emanated directly from the tonal color-light harmonies of the painting. I then named the painting "Music of the Spheres". This painting was a major turning point in my artistic development. The knowledge I assimilated about light and color, I started to apply to music, and it was magic!'

What started out as impressionistic, improvisational textures of electronic and acoustic instruments blending together in rich harmonic overtones of transparent, ethereal sound, later evolved into more structured compositions which have since, become well known classics of the broad category of New Age music. Aeoliah's music continues to be on the top charts of the alternative music market and has found its way into the mainstream music stores in many countries.

0ver the years, Aeoliah has done some extensive concert tours in Europe and Japan. Aeoliah's music has a wide appeal to health professionals around the world. His music is known for its therapeutic quality which has benefited hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world who work with his healing music privately, in hospitals, hospices and in-care centers.

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Pushkar: Blue flame

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Kaunista, ilmavaa musiikkia itsensä hoitamiseen ja rentoutumiseen. Suunniteltu myös reikihoitoon sopivaksi. Kevyt äänimatto, joka rauhoittaa ja auttaa keskittymään tähän hetkeen.Taustalla myös virkistäviä luonnonääniä: aaltoja ja linnunlaulua.

1. Blue Flame part 1 27:15
2. Blue Flame part 2 28:10
Kokonaiskesto 55:25

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Rowland Mike: The Fairy Ring

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One of the best-selling recordings of all time, this flowing calm music, performed on the piano and strings, has no turbulence, and is as relaxing as any music can be. Inspired by a sensitive attunement to the forces of Nature, Mike Rowland's improvisations seem to float in the air while gently revolving around a core of soft melodies and wistful harmonies. The result is magical! An immensely popular release with unlimited appeal.

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Therapy Room: Massage

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Music is widely renowned for its unique healing properties. Assisting in stress-relief, relaxation and rejuvenation, the right music is an essential healing tool in the therapeutic setting. The Therapy Room series showcases serenely beautiful healing music from some of the world's leading relaxation artists.

Like the reassuring touch of a professional masseur, Massage by Stuart Jones is a deeply soothing and nurturing hour of beautiful music. Perfect for relaxation and massage therapy, the delicate melodies and gentle flow of exquisite sound from keyboards and strings creates a profoundly peaceful atmosphere in which healing and renewal of the body, mind and spirit can best be achieved.

An important feature for therapists is that the seamless sequence of music on Massage features no dissonant sounds or tempo changes which may interrupt or distract the client during treatments, ensuring that they will emerge from your care feeling refreshed, relaxed and re-balanced. While gentle hands massage the body, the music will tenderly massage the soul, restoring a deep sense of well-being and inner peace.

Perfect for: remedial and relaxation massage, a wide range of holistic/natural healing therapies and salon/spa treatments. All Therapy Room titles are suitable for both professional therapists and individuals seeking music to aid and assist their own relaxation, meditation and stress-relief.

Stuart Jones

The energy of sound affects your conscious state and Stuart acts a sculptor in creating the right environment using sound. Over a sustained period of time therapists have realised that Stuart has a genuine ability to alter a person's state through his playing and composing. This has led to the widespread use of his compositions for all aspects of healing and wellbeing, and Stuart has become very prolific in his output of music for the mind and body. He believes that your mental state affects your physical wellbeing and, when working at his ultimate level, his whole being will enter into, and become sound. It is this, that therapists have harnessed and convey to their clients.

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