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Mind Body Soul: Chakra Balancing

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Tietoisuus omista chakroista ja energian tasapainottamisesta voi parantaa elämän laatua. Ihmisen elinvoima jakautuu seitsemän energiakeskuksen, eli chakran kautta. Niitä kutsutaan myös elämän pyöriksi. Chakrojen kautta vapaasti virtaava energia edistää terveyttä.

Tämä musiikki on jaettu 7 eri kappaleeseen, eli kullekin chakralle on sävelletty omaa puhdistavaa musiikkia. Musiikki värähtelee kunkin chakran tasolla rentouttaen ja edistäen energian virtaamista. Sen värähtelyt virkistävät ja tasapainottavat kehoa ja mieltä.

Sisältää kappaleet:

1. Root - Embodiment
2. Sacral - Home of the Self
3. Solar Plexus - Inner Sun
4. Heart - Compassion
5. Throat - Stillness
6. Brow - Perception
7. Crown - Oneness

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Therapy Room: Chakra Flow

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Music is widely renowned for its unique healing properties. Assisting in stress-relief, relaxation and rejuvenation, the right music is an essential healing tool in the therapeutic setting. The Therapy Room series showcases serenely beautiful healing music from some of the world's leading relaxation artists.

The enchanting sounds of panpipes and keyboards transport the listener to a magical place of quietude and serenity. While in this sacred space, the listener can remain blissfully undisturbed by the outside world, as all else simply ebbs and flows peacefully around them and they are able to relax with not a care in the world.

In the treatment room the softly healing properties of this music help create an atmosphere of rest and repose, assisting in stress-relief and slowing the body's natural rhythms down to the ideal state in which healing and renewal can occur. The transcendental nature of this profoundly beautiful music makes it particularly suited to all forms of massage and relaxation therapy as it effortlessly conjures the most peaceful realms of our imagination.

Perfect for: remedial and relaxation massage, a wide range of holistic/natural healing therapies and salon/spa treatments. All Therapy Room titles are suitable for both professional therapists and individuals seeking music to aid and assist their own relaxation, meditation and stress-relief.

Björn Árnason

Inspired by music from an early age, Björn began playing piano and bass in his teens. While at music school he was able to experiment with various styles from Rock 'n' Roll to Big Band. After a number of years as a professional musician and a voyage of re-discovery, Björn began recording his original compositions.

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Karunesh: Heart Chakra Meditation

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What are Chakras?

Chakras are actual energy centres of the body as perceived by the Indians and many other cultures. Their vibrations influence all levels of being like the body, the spirit, the soul and even the very sensitive physical areas.

It is said that there are seven chakras, which are located along the spine of the human body. They are the passages through which all cosmic energy flows and their dynamics influence all our activities.

Why Chakra Meditation?

There are many reasons why the functions of one or more chakras can be disarranged. Overwork, stress, emotional pressures and all kinds of psychological hurts are some of the probable causes.

Of course, there are many healing methods to act upon the energy centres, but the connection of breath and movement exercises, like for example with the HEART CHAKRA meditation are among the most successful methods.

In preparation it will be helpful, if you first read the instructions a few times before you start and also practise the movements without the accompaniment of the music.

What is a Heart Chakra Meditation?

THE HEART CHAKRA meditation is a proven exercise based on the Sufi tradition that dates back hundreds of years ago. It is an especially simple breath and movement exercise, which can help relieve inner tension, allowing the energy of the heart to flow freely again. At the same time this meditation calms, refreshes and encourages our being to act more out of the centre of the heart again. The heart chakra is the medium to all other chakras.

When the heart chakra is open, all energies can flow freely. There are no inner blockades and man feels deeply united with himself and all other creations. Man feels sheltered and radiates warmth, satisfaction and heartiness. Man loves for the sake of love.

But if you think you have inner blockades, you will tend to feel rather weak even easily hurt, and you are apt to close up because of your fear of being rejected. In this state you cannot or will not want to participate in the flow of natural life.

Connected to the heart chakra are all varieties of green, similar to what nature offers, as well as a very tender pink. Corresponding with these colours, all green and pink precious stones are valued for their harmonising effect like emerald, jade and rose quartz

Instructions for the HEART CHAKRA MEDITATION


Stimulated by the rhythm of sensitive music, the body can easily execute a breath exercise of three stages of seven minutes each. The movements go i n all four directions of north, south, east, west, smoothly reconnecting the individual's energy into a closed circle. It is the unification of the four elements of EARTH, WATER, FIRE and AIR which create a harmonious 'belonging together' feeling for body and soul.

Before commencing the meditation we must first quietly prepare ourselves and our environment. We also have to make sure that all technical necessities for listening to the music are in functioning order so that our rhythm will not be interrupted later.

The basic bearing for all parts of the exercises

Stand in a relaxed position with eyes opened in a place where it is warm and comfortable. Lay both hands on the heart chakra (mid-point of the chest, illus. 2). Feel the rhythm of the heartbeat, and breath in a relaxed fashion. Fresh energy will stream in. By breathing out, the old used energy will be pushed out. The cycle of giving and taking begins.

1. Phase "NORTH" – 7 minutes

Before the melody starts listen very carefully to the initial four breathing examples. When the actual melody begins, imitate this style of breathing. Exhale strongly and at the same time stretch the right arm and the right leg forward and back to the basic position (illus. 4). Move in rhythm with the music. The inner side of the hand should face outwards – a symbol of pushing away the old energy out of the body (illus. 3).

Please, do not move forward! Try to remain on the same spot, rooted to the ground.

When breathing in, return the arm and leg to the basic position. Both hands again laying on the heart chakra. Remain in the upright position and relax (illus. 2).

With the next exhalation make the same movement with the left arm and the left leg (illus. 5). The speed of inhaling and exhaling follows the rhythm of the music. At the end of each phase, the music gets progressively faster. Finally each phase ends with a gentle sound of a bell.

With every exhalation and inhalation, we change the moving positions of our extremities as follows: 1. to forward right. and forward left (NORTH) 2. to sideward right and sideward left (EAST + WEST) 3. to back right and back left (SOUTH)

2. Phase "EAST + WEST" – 7 minutes

Again listen to the initial four counts of breathing. This exercise is similar to the one described i n phase 1, but instead of stretching forward, we now stretch sideward. When the music starts we first stretch our right arm and our right leg to the right (EAST) and by the next exhalation we do the same but on the left side (WEST). Remain in the basic position and just turn the upper part of the body slightly in the corresponding direction (illus. 6 + 7).

3. Phase "SOUTH" – 7 minutes

Phase 3 in principle is like phase 1 and 2, only in this case you have to turn the upper part of your body back as far as possible. By breathing out, the upper body, face, right arm and right leg have first to turn right and stretch back while the left leg remains standing facing front (illus. 8), subsequently returning to the basic position when breathing in (illus. 2). Repeat the procedure but now with the left side while the right leg remains standing facing front (illus. 9).

4. Phase "CIRCLE" – 7 minutes

In this phase all 3 exercises that have been previously made now come together in a flowing sequence, and here is where we reach the high point of our energising meditation.

Final Phase – music

After completing this meditation, sit or lay down very relaxed and lower the body rhythm with harmonious quiet music. If you wish to continue to relax in total silence, please switch off the player after this music.

You can however also surrender to the magic of Tibetan sounds and dive into the eternity of sound and silence.

KARUNESH, well-known for his bright and serene compositions, here for the first time arranged a meditation technique, with which you can very easily reach the deeper inner self.

The HEART CHAKRA meditation is especially suited to clean the heart chakra. In Indian philosophy chakras are the energy centres of the body.

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Aeoliah: Elixir Immortale

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Elixir Immortale is the next step in activating our new DNA Codes for healing and Ascension. By aligning with these new cosmic healing sound vibrations, we are able to open and activate the seven sacred seals within our bodies also known as chakras. These cosmic energy centers are also connected to galactic portals and other star systems that are assisting humanity to make the shift from carbon based to crystalline DNA.

Each piece is carefully orchestrated with healing crystal bowls, Buddhist chants, and sacred invocations performed by Aeoliah. Beautifully & richly orchestrated, each song selection is a pristine reflection of activating the unlimited, divine and immortal nature of our soul essence.

The mantras in this recording are truly esoteric, and their true meaning comes alive when these mantras are actually vocalized and sounded. This was part of my inspiration to record them and vocalize them together with the crystal bowls and other healing sounds to activate these Sacred Portals, which act as powerful resonators to awaken us to our healing and Enlightenment.

Each musical selection/composition is recorded and chanted in the specific key of that particular chakra or energy center. Each quartz crystal bowl recorded also corresponds to the exact key of that chakra, creating a powerful dynamic resonance between the human voice, the quartz crystals, and the chakras. working in harmony to produce a transformational spiritual and musical experience.

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Aeoliah: The Seven Chakras

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The Seven Chakras

Crystal Illumination is an interdimensional musical journey through the seven vital energy centres in man also known as chakras and energy vortexes. Each centre radiates a particular energy and activity that directly corresponds to all our emotions, feelings, desires and thoughts. Each centre also corresponds directly to our bodily functions especially the endocrine system wich regulates the glandular and metabolic activity in our bodies. When these seven energy centres are in balance and alignment with each other, they radiate a purity of health, vitality and energy that reflects in our aura as crystal rainbow-white light. Each musical selection corresponds directly to each chakra, starting at the base of the spine, harmonizing and balancing the energy in that area.

We recommend listening to this music in a fully relaxed position with the use of stereo headphones or a good sound system to receive the maximum benefit and alignment through Crystal Illumination.

Each of the seven musical selections corresponds directly to each chakra, starting at the base of the spine, harmonizing and balancing the energy in that area.

The Chakras:

1. Base of Spine Centre: survival, physical creation, primal fire, life force essence, energy and vitality. Colour: white - Cosmic Purity.

2. Spleen Centre: below solar plexus, regulates sexual functions, generative organs, seat of the soul. Colour: violet - transmution, acceleration, invocation and freedom.

3. Solar Plexus: stomach area: seat of our emotions, solar energy, warmth. Colour: ruby/violet/gold - peace, ministration, love of nature and the elements.

4. Heart Centre: all embracing love, compassion, forgiveness, mercy and acceptance. Colour: pink - Divine Love, qualifying our feelings, thoughts and activities with love.

5. Throat Centre: power, protection, communication, projecting our energy into form, expression. Colour: electric blue/azure - Divine Will, power, creative expression.

6. Third Eye: between our eyes/middle of forehead: visionary, powers of one-pointedness, focusing, clairvoyance and clairaudience. Colour: emerald green - healing, consecration. Crystal healing energy.

7. Crown Centre: top of our head: illumination, integration and expansion. Colour: golden/yellow: wisdom, understanding the laws of creation, universal expansion and integration of all the seven Energy Centres. Enlightenment. Discerning wisdom, conscious awareness of Self.

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Alberto Grollo: Chakra Healing Energies

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"Each of our chakras has a specific musical tone to guide its treatment. The musical instruments on this album help to channel the energy into our body and stimulate the healing powers of our chakras. The music — and likewise the 'world' instruments such as tablas, didgeridoo, tin whistle, steel guitar, African percussion, and sitar — is a pleasurable experience on its own, but is supplemented with your own deep insight and feelings emanating from the chakra wheels of energy."

"I composed the eighth piece to ensure the right balance towards the end of the chakra-treatment. This album is meant for enhancing your chakra-energies, self-help and self-treatment. Just let the music guide you. My twenty years of experience in music therapy make me aware of the depths this healing music can reach. I should like it to mediate between the universal energy and our human body through the seven chakras. But this album is also intended as simply pleasurable."

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Guna Sangah: Chakra Balancing

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An open and playful approach to the balancing of our 7 power centres. Through the turning of the chakras, energy is absorbed and again released. The chakras disperse vital energy, making our existence possible. When one or more of the chakras is blocked, imbalance and disease may occur. By means of energetic vibrations, we can restore the balance.

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Llewellyn: Journey to the Temple

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From the composer of REIKI and CRYSTALS come. recording that heals the Body and Soul. Ideal for therapists including Reiki, Meditation and Visualisation, Aromatherapy, Massage, etc...

This album is the result of my study and research into the use of sounds and music to create inner balance and healing. I wanted to produce an album that not only on a physical level is calming and relaxing, but essentially works on a metaphysical level and alters states of consciousness and awareness. 'JOURNEY TO THE TEMPLE' features seven chakra tracks blended together by natural sounds of water and birdsong.

I wanted to produce an album that not only on a physical level is calming and relaxing, but essentially works on a metaphysical level and alters states of consciousness and awareness. In 1982, David Nacgele produced "TEMPLE IN THE FOREST" which became one of my favourite recordings and a popular choice for therapists. Like David, working with the sound of the forest birds and a gentle flowing stream, I combined the "temple bell" sound with the "Ohm" vibration. I then took certain instruments and tones and carefully arranged them to balance a particular chakra flow of energy.

The result is that "JOURNEY TO THE TEMPLE" features seven chakra tracks blended together by natural sounds of water and birdsong. Each of the seven tracks is a journey through the seven key chakras. On this special album you will hear a wealth of instruments and sounds (temple hells, chimes. piano, flutes, harps, wind chimes) add carefully and an immensely peaceful mediative soundscape".

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Scott Ben & Michell Chris: Tibetan Chakra Meditations

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"The World is Sound" – Nada Brahma

Find an easy place to sit or lie down for an hour. Place the speakers on the floor on each side of your head (or when lying down, facing your feet). Set the volume so you can feel the deep tones inside, but not too loud. The sound of the singing bowls has to resonate through your whole body.

In a quiet meditative state one can focus the attention on each chakra and, whilst visualising the appropriate colour for that chakra, one can gently intone the sacred vowel sound of that chakra.

"The true healing power of sound is to be found in harmonics."
– Pir Vilayat Khan

"The singing bowls were originally used in Tibet by shamans of the Bon–Pot religion which preceded the Buddhist religion. Tibetan singing bowls were used for the invocation of good spirits for the harvest, for curing disease, for banishing evil spirits and negative energies. They were made with seven metals corresponding with the seven planets and seven chakras: gold, silver, copper, mercury, iron, tin and lead. The very large bowls were struck and kept by the monks in their own quarters for magical and devotional use.

The bowls are very idiosyncratic and on the recording, there is great variation of harmonics of both bass and high frequencies. Sometimes there are curious buzzy sounds at nodal points and strange 'creaky' sounds but these are all characteristics of the live played bowls. The bowls were played for a continuous five minutes for each chakra. This was then overlaid with two more stereo tracks of the same bowl, played live. The end of each five minute track is announced by the tingshaws (ritual hand cymbals)."
– Ben Scott

In 1949, the Chinese invaded Tibet and large numbers of the lamas fled, bringing bowls with them. Many bowls have come to the West through these monks.


The chakras are the seven main energy centres of the body. The seven chakras have different correspondences according to their different energies.

1. The ROOT CHAKRA (Sanskrit 'MULADHARA') is associated with: The base of the spine, gonads, sexual organs – The colour red – The metal lead – The planet Saturn. The element earth. Garnet, bloodstone, ruby – Physical energy, being grounded, survival issues, sexuality – Toning: UH sound as mantra.

2. The SACRAL CHAKRA (Sanskrit ''SVADHISHTHANA') is associated with: The adrenals – The colour orange – The metal tin – The planet Jupiter – The element water – Carnelian, coral, agate, tiger's eye – Feelings, creativity, vitality – Toning: 000 sound as mantra.

3. The SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA (Sanskrit 'MANIPURA') is associated with: The liver, pancreas and solar plexus area – The colour yellow – The metal iron – The planet Mars – The element fire – Topaz, amber, citrine – Power centre, mental powers, will power, gut reaction – Toning: OH sound as mantra.

4. The HEART CHAKRA (Sanskrit 'ANAHATA') is associated with: The heart and lungs, thymus – The colour green (transmitting rose pink) – The metal copper – The planet Venus –

The element air – Emerald, rose quartz, pink and green tourmaline – Compassion, universal love, centering – Toning: AH sound as mantra.

5. The THROAT CHAKRA (Sanskrit 'VISHUDDI') is associated with: The throat and thyroid area – The colour aqua or sky blue – The metal mercury – The planet Mercury – The element ether – Aquamarine, turquoise, blue quartz, sapphire – Creative selfexpression, communication – Toning: EYE sound as mantra.

6. The BROW CHAKRA (Sanskrit 'AJNA') is associated with: The Brow, third eye, pituitary – The colour indigo – The metal silver – The Moon – Sodalite, lapis lazuli, moonstone – Psychic perception, intuition, devotion – Toning: AYE sound as mantra.

7. The CROWN CHAKRA (Sanskrit 'SAHASRARA') is associated with: The crown of the head, pineal gland – The colour violet – The metal gold – The Sun – Diamond, clear quartz, amethyst – The oneness of the universal energies of the cosmos and divine bliss – Toning: EEE sound as mantra.

"My message is the practice of compassion, love and kindness. These things are very useful in our daily life, and also for the whole of human society."

His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama

(A 5 % royalty from the sale of each album is being donated to the Tibetan Relief Fund, Registered Charity No. 1061834, to support the Tibetan people.)

Ben Scott

Ben Scott has lived through eight decades. An office boy at 17, the RAF at 20, senior command during the war years. In the 1960's Scott started on the 'Seeker's Path', studying paranormal and psychic powers. Eastern religions and practices made him a yoga and meditation teacher. After ending his business life, he took off around the country seeking kindred spirits in ashrams, monasteries and communities. "I see everyone I meet as my teacher", Scott says.

Many of the bowls used on Tibetan Chakra Meditations date back to the Sixteenth Century. The 'Heart Chakra' bowl is estimated at four to five hundred years old.

Christa Michell

British flautist Christa Michell played regularly with various symphony and opera orchestras. She toured Australia twice and has played and given workshops at several Mind, Body, Spirit Expos in London and at Skyros Centre in Greece. Her album Dolphin Love (1990) has sold over 150,000 copies. In 1991 she participated in a New Age Conference in LA and started working with soundhealer Jonathan Goldman, whose chants can be heard on 'Tibetan Chakra Meditations'.

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