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Midori: Bali

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The people of Bali have a unique isolated culture. Over time they have absorbed many influences, and yet they have maintained a friendly and easy going character that is all their own. Their islands are rich in ancient sites where temples, gardens and water features still survive as places of calm and tranquility.

Often located on mountains, cliffs or lakes, the temples are serene sites of natural beauty. Midori's music echoes the sounds and peace of these Balinese shrines and evokes a sense of calm and natural spirituality.

Escape to a tranquil paradise and indulge in a moment of calm and serenity - Midori's music perfectly reflects the peace and spirituality of Bali's ancient temples. Natural sounds of OCEAN SHORE, BIRDSONG, FOUNTAINS AND STREAMS combine with the sounds of CHINESE AND INDIAN WOOD FLUTES, SHAKU, YI-CHING, GHUZHEN, FINGER CYMBALS, DRAGON DRUM, WIND CHIMES and KEYBOARDS to create an album of serene beauty, perfect for meditation, relaxation or to recapture your own memories of a tranquil paradise.

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Music of Bali: Vol 2


balilainen musiikki, maailmanmusiikki,

Gamelan refers to an ensemble of instruments played in Java and Bali which is comprised primarily of bronze gongs and metatlophones. GamelanTirta Sari is a celebrated gamelan orchestra from Peliatan, a small village near the wellknown region of Ubud, Bali. Gamelan Tirta Sari combines elements from both the gamelan Semar Pegulingan and the modern, popular form of gamelan gong kebyar. By taking elements from both' types of gamelan, Tirta Sari has been able to play a wider variety of musical styles and repertoire.

Legong Kraton, the classical dance of the divine nymphs, is considered by many to be the most fundamental female dance style in Bali. The village of Peliatan maintains a Legong tradition that is highly regarded, both for the beauty of the musical arrangement and the distinctive, sharply articulated choreography Recorded in the Pura Gunung Sari, a temple in Peliatan, Tirta Sari performs a stunning variety of Balinese instrumental pieces and dance music.

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