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Oksanen Osmo: Suuri käsialakirja

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Osmo Oksanen on maamme tunnetuimpia grafologeja, takanaan vuosikymmenien kokemus. Tässä kirjassa hän antaa meille avaimet käsialan tulkitsemisen taitoon.

Käsiala kertoo paljon kirjoittajastaan, luonteesta, lahjakkuudesta, tiedostetuista ja tiedostamattomista taipumuksista. Mitkä ovat hänen ristiriitansa, kuormansa, paineensa, sairautensa? Missä asioissa hän on hyvä?

Käsiala kertoo myös ihmisen tavasta toimia elämän eri tilanteissa, siitä mitä todennäköisesti on odotettavissa. Miten hän asennoituu työhön, työyhteisöön, miten käyttäytyy avioliitossa, miten suhtautuu rakkauteen, seksuaalisuuteen. Myös ihmisen elinikä on ennustettavissa.

Mitä enemmän näistä asioista tiedämme, sitä paremmin pystymme vaikuttamaan elämän suuntaan, tapahtumien kulkuun: "ottamaan kohtalon omiin käsiimme".

Teoksen sisältämät kirjat Mitä käsiala paljastaa ja Käsiala, luonne ja kohtalo ovat ilmestyneet aikaisemmin erillisinä laitoksina.

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Cameron Ellen: Understanding Graphology



Your handwriting can reveal a great deal about your personality. Every time you write a letter or fill in a form, you are revealing information about yourself to anyone trained in graphology.

This introduction to the science of graphology tells you how to recognise the significance of the width, height, slope and spacing of letters, using simple definitions and practical exercises.

With these new powers of analysis you can discover the hidden depth of lovers, friends, workmates and family. Find out whether they are secretly mean, conceited or fussy, or whether they disguise unbridled passion and hidden talents. Moreover, you may learn a few home truths about yourself!

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Cohen Frits & Wander Daniel: Handwriting Analysis at Work

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Can your pen reveal your character? Does handwriting reflect the spirit? Is the way you write an aid to psychology, a guide to better understanding of the personality?

Handwriting Analysis at Work is a richly documented guide to the fascinating subject of graphology, concentrating on its practical, daily and world-wide use by individuals and companies in the world of business. If expertly analysed and specifically interpreted, handwriting can show a writer's strong and weak points, and reveal qualities that may be missed in an interview. The analysis can give details on:


Discover how to interpret this unique form of 'body language' and benefit from better candidate selection, higher staff retention, a fuller knowledge of your colleagues, and better understanding and management of human resources.

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Harrison Jadwiga: Handwriting Personality

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Most of us do not know either ourselves, or those with whom we live and work daily, very well – although we may think we do. However, analysis of your handwriting leads to better understanding of yourself – your strengths, weaknesses, and real values. This knowledge can be invaluable in helping you improve your performance, overcome fears and frustrations, discover what you really want in life and find out how to achieve your full potential. You can also learn more about other people, which will improve your relationships in every area of your life: personal, social and professional.

The questionnaires in this book are easy to use and fun to do. They will reveal the main aspects of your personality, including:

• how confident are you?
• how popular are you?
• do you have successful relationships?
• are you sexy?
• do you have hidden talents?
• are you a happy person?

Jadwiga Harrison has studied psychology and parapsychology for over 20 years. She has written a book on astrology and a number of magazine articles on divination and personal development.

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Lazewnik Baruch: Handwriting Analysis

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A Guide to Understanding Personalities

Author Baruch M. Lazewnik, Ph.D.'s Handwriting Analysis: A Guide to Understanding Personalities is a fascinating and revealing look at handwriting as a window to behavior. In thirteen chapters of well-written text and more than 100 writing samples, the basics and the finer nuances of handwriting analysis are illustrated and interpreted. Samples from well-known celebrities and public figures from various professions, as well as persons with particular problems and illnesses, are reviewed with clarity and sensitivity. Personalities of the famous and infamous are revealed through chapters covering contemporary novelists, criminals, upright citizens, cloak-and-dagger operators, geniuses, entertainers, and others.

Dr. Lazewnik's work is for those whose curiosity has not been satisfied after their first exposure to the art and science of graphology. Handwriting Analysis: A Guide to Understanding Personalities is a compendium of in-depth, detailed analyses that explains, clearly and precisely, how and why the analyst arrived at his conclusions. It will provide the novice graphologist with solid and innovative groundwork and the seasoned professional with new and profound ideas.

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