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Dolphins and Sea - DVD

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Above the ocean: Views of bays, beaches and rock pool fife, from calm waters to slow motion surf and waves pounding on the cliffs. The tides are Cocked in their slow perpetual movement. Birds are flying over the estuary. Somewhat farther away dolphins are leaping and following boats.

Below the ocean: The reefs are alive with shoals offish, octopus, crabs... Dolphin groups are teaching baby dolphins to fish. (But it's not all work Why not play a bit with those flippered friends. The film has been shot in widescreen so it has a wonderful panoramic quality. The sound is pristine and has 6een mixed in surround sound, making the entire experience remarkable. Gulfs are heard in the distance behind you on the right. `Waves splash in the foreground and the sounds of fife swirl around you in 30. 'Underwater you hear the calls of dolphins, the sound of their fins moving through the bubbling water. You can feel the reef atmospheres.

Extras: Film and sound-track option 1 feature nature sounds. Film and soundtrack 2 feature a musical- sound-track. The musical version is made from `Tie Dolphin Quest' by Medwyn Goodall (in 5.1 surround sound and remixed with nature sounds so that it's as if you are there yourself). It makes fora truly emotional journey above and below the ocean.

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